Turkey is a great place to have a vacation in. It is a country wherein you can be in two continents at one time! The major portion of Turkey is in Western Asia while the rest is in Southeastern Europe. You should come by Turkey at least once in your lifetime. You will be missing a lot if you do not visit this country. Your bucket list that includes an Amsterdam holiday or a Japan tour will not be complete without a Turkey trip. To go to Turkey will be a truly fulfilling and rewarding trip for anyone who is seeking to tour around the world.


Turkey is rich not just in natural resources but also in history. The country has been inhabited by different civilizations throughout various generations. You can read in your history books that Turkey was once occupied by the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Urartians, and the Armenians. Hellenization of Turkey was a prominent idea that started during the reign of Alexander the Great in the whole of Greece and parts of Europe. Because of the colonization of the empire, some of the cultures of Greece were also adopted by the people in Turkey. But you can still see the original ways of the local inhabitants of the land.

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Being in Amsterdam Canal Tours and dinner cruises in Amsterdam have made the founders of this company realize how important it is to actually experience other countries to know exactly how it is like to live in it. Turkey is one of the most prominent places that local Dutch people go. And yet we sometimes forget to realize the importance of actually going to the country without any plan. Investing in travel to Turkey will not be worth it if you do not plan ahead. And this is where we come in.

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We have handled this business for ten years and we have continued to evolve as a company and as a travel and tours brand. The packages that we offer are based on continuous evaluations on what will be great for the client. And we have come and gone to Turkey to find the best places to visit and explore for new and returning tourists. Originally, we designed one package for every tourist in Turkey. Because of the positive feedback that we got from previous experiences that our customers got, we curated more packages and deals.

We have always focused on our customers. This is one of our high priorities as a company. We need to design a package that will be perfect for your vacation in Turkey, much like your Amsterdam holiday. Take a look at the tours that we created just for you. We have Best of Turkey tours, Water tours, History tour, and, most recently, our Custom tours.  Make your trip to Turkey a truly memorable one through the packages that we made for you. If you have particular places in mind, you can select the custom tour. We make everything happen in Turkije Plaza.